This is the stream shot from the bridge walking down to Bridalveil Falls in the CVNP. This area is not usually shot during the Spring-Summer period as the light has to be jut right as to not be overly contrasty. I wanted to capture this during this time of year,  since most of the images here are shot in the Fall . I love this place. Some days, just to get out of my office, I’d drive up here, sit on the rocks, maybe shoot a few frames and just enjoy the sounds of the water going over the rocks & falls, and in the summer put my feet in the cool water.

I got really lucky with this shot(below). It was shot on the last Saturday in October 2003 ( Yes using Velvia and my Nikon F100!).  There was a bunch of photographers from Pittsburgh on the bridge shooting and, as you can guess , it was pretty crowded. They left, and I shot this image about 1/2 hr before a big wind storm blew in.  By the time I walked back to my car I was soaked! I came back here the next morning and almost every leaf was off the trees , and the rain caused the leaves to be swept down stream. Talk about luck. If you can pick it out, there’s a little whirlpool in the middle of the stream to added to the shot. You have to be lucky sometimes too!


I will miss this place as well.



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