Well 2 weeks from today, Duke , Roscoe and I will be on our way to Oregon. I think we are going to take the northern route (via Chicago, Minneapolis, NW through Minnesota, west through N. Dakota and Montana, through Spokane, down through the Palouse, across the Columbia River and down the gorge into Portland. All in all about 2500 miles or so. Time is going very quickly.

Over the next week or 2 I’ll post some images shot over the past 3+years from places I’ll miss here in Ohio.

Today’s image is one from a place often photographed but one of my favorites never the less. This is shot from the road, looking into the Beaver pond in the Cuyahoga National Park, close to my soon to be former home. Often it’s clear as a bell on my driveway, but I know there’s fog in the valley. When there is, and the sky is clear above the fog, the light is amazing when the sun pops over the hills in the background. Depending on the time of year you can put geese silhouetted against the sky in the image.

Last October, I had a group at Mono Lake. in the Eastern Sierra. I commented when walking from the parking lot to the shoreline for a sunrise shot how many times I have made that walk, and how each time its always like my first. I get the same feeling here. I always try & look for a new composition and many times I am rewarded with a different light situation. It’s a never ending metamorphosis here at the beaver pond.

I shot over there ( on the boardwalk which crossed the pond) twice last week. If you get there early enough( usually just at daybreak) you can see as many as 4 beavers fortifying their homes, banks and paths through the pond. Herons are common. There are some old huge snappers in there. Some even have moss growing off their shells.

I’ll miss this place but know that my colleges will send me images and let me know what’s going on. 



3 thoughts on “FAVORITE OHIO IMAGES #1”

  1. “Depending on the time of year you can put geese silhouetted against the sky in the image.”

    However, regardless of the time of year, you can “drop” geese silhouetted against the sky in the image. Or even flying deer!


  2. Great shot Jack, I have always been a sucker for a good moody fog shot, I remember when you e-mailed and helped me with a metering problem with my fog shots. I think that was about a year ago and your advice worked out great. Thanks for helping out a hack.

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