After stopping off in Idaho for a few hours, we finally arrived late last night at our temporary home (SW of Portland).  The trip covered 11 states, and about 2700 miles. Now it getting down to setting up residence here in the Pacific Northwest. Hopefully our worldly possessions will get here sooner rather than later. EMAILS TO :

It’s all good….. I might even get out shooting this weekend!



The Road to Oregon/Wednesday


Another 600+ miles—here in Butte tonight. Butte is just west of the Continental Divide about 6300′.  Drove through NE Wyoming and drove by Devils Tower National Monument( Above). There is sure lots of wide open spaces. Tomorrow, I’ll drive up to Sandpoint Idaho and visit Linda’s brother and spend tomorrow night in Spokane before driving through the Palouse on Friday and into Portland Friday night.

Interesting stop along the way:


Duke & Roscoe relaxing before leaving this AM.


Sunset just west of Butte tonight. Shot from the car off I 90



The Road to Oregon/ Tuesday


Tuesday was hot…(98-104 degrees. The dog’s didn’t care for it much but they drank a lot. I drove across Minnesota and South Dakota ans spent the night in Rapid City ( about 1/2 way to PDX). I stopped at Mitchell SD. What a time warp. Everything here is corn this and corn that. It’s the home of the ever famous Corn Palace.( A tribute to corn–the building is actually constructed with corn as the siding. I took some rather amusing shots and some great signs… Check em out.

Tomorrow begins the climb into eastern Wyoming and into Montana–I’ll spend tomorrow night in Butte.

Here is another view of the Corn Palace…


The high school sports teams are known as the kernels!!


The radio station “KORN”


I had lunch at Mustard’s Last Stand—a take off on Custer’s Last Stand—bad pun–worse food.


More CORNEY Signs for local business.





The Road to Oregon /Monday


Well 650 miles today (1/4 there) and I’m here in La Cross Wisconsin. Do I not miss the traffic in Chicago! The dogs were great considering the 10hrs drive and a bit of rain. We walked in a big State Park just south of Madison, Wi. There were fields of wild yellow cone flowers that reminded me of the days shooting the prairies while I lived in Illinois. They are really pretty in their own way.

La Cross is on the Wisconsin-Minnesota border. Tomorrow its supposed to be blazing hot in South Dakota so I’ll pace myself.


FAVORITE OHIO IMAGES # 13, reflection


Tinkers Creek Overlook, Bedford Reservation



Well, this is my final post of some of my Favorite Ohio Images here on the blog. Tomorrow, its off to Oregon to turn yet another page. I look forward to the new opportunities in the west and returning to an area I grew to love. I will not only miss the photographic opportunities here in Ohio, but above all the friends I made here in 4 short years. I’ll be back here to do some workshops ( October 07, coming soon–see workshop area here on the blog!) as well as to see friends and shoot some of the places that I never made it to.

I know when I pull out of the driveway and take a last look at things I’ll be remembering all the good times here that will serve me ( and us) well to think about  in the future. I think I’ll drive north through the park one last time rather than take the interstate. 

Please keep in touch, send me lots of images from the area, and if you all ever get to Oregon, send me an email and let me know where & when.

Starting tomorrow(Monday 7/16), I’ll be posting (I hope!) an image or 2 a day while driving west. 

Rather than driving the boring route through Iowa, Nebraska and southern Wyoming, my route will take me west to Rockford Illinois, then up to I-90 in Minnesota. Then it’s straight west through Minnesota and into South Dakota through the Badlands, Black Hills , past Devils tower. I’ll pass through N. Eastern Wyoming connecting with I-90 in Montana. I’ll stop in Northern Idaho and then pass through Spokane and spend a little time in the Palouse, just south of Spokane. Then it’s SW across eastern Washington , across the Columbia River and west through the gorge into the Portland area.  Please check back. You never know what I might find!

Thanks again for everything.

See you in the field!


HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!


FAVORITE OHIO IMAGES #12–Last Ohio Entry Tomorrow!–Please Check Back!


Lanterman’s Mill, Youngstown  Ohio.

I first discovered Lanterman’s Mill from my good friend Tom Schwerin who lives in the Youngstown area. He has some great images from this location.

This image was taken on a NEO Shoots outing. We hit the lighting conditions and high water conditions just right on this day.

 If you are a photographer here in Ohio, check out Bob Kulon ( see link here on the blog) runs this organization. It’s free to everyone. There is great information on when and where to shoot all kinds of subjects in North Eastern Ohio. There ore many outings to different locations. It’s well worth your time.





Triangle Bog is an unique natural area east of Akron about 15 miles off I 76. It is a great area for all kinds of photography. In the falls the tamaracks turn yellow/orange before dropping their needles. (They are the only pine to drop their needles). This images was made on a frosty morning , when my good friend Chuck Beatty ( see the link to Chuck’s site) and I made the trek over to the bog. We caught it at just the right time to get the reflections in the calm water.

Below is another image showing what you can do when working this area for different effect. This is an Edward Westonish effect using color and reflections. 


In June the pitcher plants bloom. These plants are carnivorous. The eat insects. Rain water is captured in their bowls. A secretion draws in the insects then kills them prior to consumption. There are small hair like structures that prevent the insect from escaping. Yum! Triangle Bob contains many interesting plants to shoot. Again you could spend hours in just a small area of this  location. Mike Moats and I shot these for a few hours one morning with some good success ( See link for Mike’s great work)

flewfpitch3.jpgFlowering pitcher plant

flewfpitch4.jpgBase of the pitcher plant