What I’ll Miss about Ohio


Things are moving along pretty fast these days here in NE Ohio. Movers have been arranged, boxes being collected etc. We are off to Oregon on about 7/15 and really looking forward to getting back west. I will miss a lot here in Ohio. The folks I’ve had the privilege to meet are primary. Theres lots of photographic material found here, that is really unique as well. I can only encourage the photographers that live here to get out and explore and look around. You will never get bored.

On a recent excursion last month down to Holmes County, the home of the largest Amish population in one area in the country ( I think?) my good friend Tom Schwerin and I stopped to look at something you just don’t see  too often. Not only was there one horse drawn plow, but a father and Son working the land.We immediately made the most and captured similar images, all the while not even communicating with each other a whole lot.

I’ll try and post s few more before I leave.  I know that Oregon will offer new challenges, but I’ll miss this place.



4 thoughts on “What I’ll Miss about Ohio”

  1. Hey Jack, nice image! Got a call from Randy Z. and had a nice talk. I’ll bet your really busy getting ready for the big trip.

  2. Jack, I’ll be out the Oregon to see ya – frequently. Count on it! And you need to come back now and then too. That’s what they have airplanes for (besides contrail patterns).

  3. Hi Jack,

    Your right Ohio is a beautiful place. Your images are a inspiration
    for me to get out and see the place I have lived all my life.
    Have a safe trip.


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