Welcome to Jack’s Photo Blog !!!!


 Thanks to my good friend Mike Moats ( www.mikemoatsblog.com ), I have joined the 21st century’s way of communicating. I will be updating this blog with new information frequently and I invite you all to check it out. Updates to  www.jackgrahamphoto.com  will occur  every month or so, however you can check out what I’m up to, get tips, ideas and other information sometimes daily!

Feel free to add comments and input. Again welcome!!



11 thoughts on “Welcome to Jack’s Photo Blog !!!!”

  1. Very nice Jack, mine has been a work in progress for the last couple days, I will be sure to keep in touch. BTW I hope you don’t mind I linked your and Mike’s website to my blog talk to you later.

  2. Bernie,

    It’s been pretty hectic here. Mike Moats spent some time going through the ropes with me. I will link you as well here and on my web site when I do my update in a few weeks.
    This blog will be easier to do more timely updates.


  3. Jack and Mike:

    Here I thought you were both wasting your time playing video games. Looks great!


  4. Hey man! Great work. Must be nice to have the house all packed up and free time to burn. :))

    BTW – my website is http://www.bobkulonphoto.com

    I can’t guarantee the link you have will last much longer. Again, good idea, goo execution, good photography, and most importantly, good camera! (Nikon, but good nevertheless.)

  5. Welcome to the photo-blog-o-sphere Jack! If you need any additional advice or help with this thing called blogging, don’t hesitate to ask. Great Mono Lake image!

  6. Can’t keep up with the moves J n L. Nice to see your pix at last.

    Mike – Melbourne Australia
    Wah gu Buddy

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