What I’ll Miss about Ohio


Things are moving along pretty fast these days here in NE Ohio. Movers have been arranged, boxes being collected etc. We are off to Oregon on about 7/15 and really looking forward to getting back west. I will miss a lot here in Ohio. The folks I’ve had the privilege to meet are primary. Theres lots of photographic material found here, that is really unique as well. I can only encourage the photographers that live here to get out and explore and look around. You will never get bored.

On a recent excursion last month down to Holmes County, the home of the largest Amish population in one area in the country ( I think?) my good friend Tom Schwerin and I stopped to look at something you just don’t see  too often. Not only was there one horse drawn plow, but a father and Son working the land.We immediately made the most and captured similar images, all the while not even communicating with each other a whole lot.

I’ll try and post s few more before I leave.  I know that Oregon will offer new challenges, but I’ll miss this place.





Helicon Focus is a program that creates one completely focused image from several partially focused images by combining the images (you can use an unlimited amount of images) into one focused image. The program is designed for micro photography and hyper focal landscape photography to cope with the shallow depth-of-field problem. Helicon Focus also aligns images as objects often change their size and position from shot to shot. This function is especially important for macro photography. There are two versions, lite & pro. I have only used the light version. I am very impressed on how easy the software is to use. SOFTWARE can be downloaded right off the web site www.heliconfocus.com

Not all images will lend themselves for Helicon Focus. You have to predetermine if you want to use this program before making your image in the field. Any movement at all will ruin the otherwise great results. Using Helicon Focus requires that:

1) The subject must have NO movement.
2) You must use a good steady tripod with a cable release (Mirror lock up if you have it)
3) Do not change the exposure or composition
4) The only adjustments you make it to the focal points with
each image
The new version of HF allows the use of RAW files.

This image was shot last night in my front yard. It was made from 4 images combined to allow for a great amount of DOF. It was too dark to shoot higher than F22 so I shot 4 images at F8 at about a 25th if a sec.

 Try it out… it a great photo graphical aid.


Go West OLD Man

This blog is a great idea. Again, thanks to Mike Moats for bringing me into the 21st century. I intend to use it for all kinds of stuff. In the next few weeks time permitting I’ll get some more detailed info on my workshops ( balance of 07 as well as a hint of 08 !)posted, some thing’s that I will be up to (i.e Chuck Beatty( a great local photog–check out his link here) and I are going to go shoot the pitcher plants that are blooming in a local bog–Mike & I got over there last week and I am sure Mike will post something on that experience) , increase the links to other photog’s and bloggers and more.

This blog will not replace my web site ( www.jackgrahamphoto.com) and I hope to get an update up there as well by the end  of the month ( new images, 2 new articles, images from my Southwest workshop back in April and my just finished Columbia River Gorge workshop earlier this month in Oregon).

SPEAKING OF OREGON———- I want to use my new found friend, the “blog” to make a major announcement. ON OR ABOUTS JULY 15TH — MY WIFE AND I WILL BE RELOCATING TO BEAUTIFUL OREGON. This has been a goal for a number of years and it appears that it will actually happen. Our house is under contract and if all goes well we are out of here. This is with really mixed emotions. The people here in the Midwest are fantastic, the area of Ohio we live ( close to the Cuyahoga National Park) is fantastic. However, getting this opportunity is too good to pass up. I will return in the fall to do my Fall in NE Ohio workshop ( more details on my web site and even more will be posted here in the near future). We lived in No. California for 10 years and can’t wait to get back out west.

And the really cool thing is that between email, web sites, mobile phones and now BLOG’S we can all keep in touch, It certainly well be a new adventure. Getting to live by my #2 favorite place to photograph ( the Eastern Sierra is still #1 and the 4 corners area and Escalante is #3) is too good to pass up.

We will be renting a house SW of Portland for a while then look to either move into a home, or build a small timber house SW f Portland in the McMinnville, Yamhill County between Portland and the Ocean.

Anyway, wish us luck and above all keep us posted on what’s going on in your world. 

Here’s a shot taken last year –Latourell Falls in the Rain  Nikon D200/ Nikon 28-70mm/ Polarized/ tripod

Welcome to Jack’s Photo Blog !!!!


 Thanks to my good friend Mike Moats ( www.mikemoatsblog.com ), I have joined the 21st century’s way of communicating. I will be updating this blog with new information frequently and I invite you all to check it out. Updates to  www.jackgrahamphoto.com  will occur  every month or so, however you can check out what I’m up to, get tips, ideas and other information sometimes daily!

Feel free to add comments and input. Again welcome!!