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fujifilm x logoDo you love your Fujifilm X camera as much as Bill Fortney & I do? Not a Fuji X owner yet, but thinking about switching? Want to join in the fun with other Fujifilm shooters on dedicated Fuji X photo workshops?  Then check out our new blog site: and like our page on Facebook to learn more and to keep up to date with our Fuji X journeys.


_DSF6099-Edit-Edit-Edit-EditOur first exclusive workshop for FUJI “X” SHOOTERS ONLY (Wildflowers and Landscapes of Mt Rainier National Park; Aug. 27-30) is nearly SOLD OUT —- only 2 spots remaining!  An active volcano in Washington, Mount Rainier is the most glaciated peak in the contiguous U.S., while the slopes below are covered with subalpine wildflower meadows and ancient evergreen forests. We will use this environment to aid us in creating artistic imagery with our Fujifilm X cameras. Click HERE for more information and how to register.



FujiX-UserGuide-cover-150x112Also, check out Bill Fortney’s  e-book “A GUIDE TO THE FUJI XT-1”. A comprehensive guide to this magnificent camera with over 200 pages and more than 300 photographs, it contains countless tips, recommendations and examples of work done with the Fuji X-System family of cameras. Plus reviews of lenses, buying recommendations, how to build a system, how to carry it all and much more! Click HERE for more information.


_DSF6215-Edit-Edita-EditI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again —- I really love this camera! Yes, there are some things I’d really like Fuji to improve but overall it’s just a great camera that produces incredible images and is fun to shoot. My back also loves this system! Here are the 5 main things I love about the Fuji XT-1.


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It’s Not the Camera….. it’s YOU !!

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             It’s Not the Camera…… It’s YOU !

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_DSF7037-Edit-EditIn a current issue of a major American Nature Photography Magazine there is an article talking about taking rich and sharp images. Their quote in a large block next to the text of the article says:

“As a digital photographer you can learn a lot from Ansel Adams. Choose the right gear and emulate the attention to detail that Adams devoted to his craft to get your best possible landscape photos”

“A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed”…Ansel Adams

_DSF6984-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit-2First we all can learn a lot from Ansel Adams, no matter if we are a “digital” photographer. How would Ansel handle the digital age? Ansel’s darkroom is our Photoshop. More so, Ansel’s attention to detail had nothing to do with equipment! It had to do with how he used his equipment but more so how he looked at scenes, way before pressing the shutter.

In my photography workshops I stress slowing down, simplifying and learning to see. Communicating a scene and story in a photograph comes from within, not from your camera. You camera has no emotion. It does not see. It does not feel. It is piece of machinery and technology that without your proper involvement will certainly not take the “best possible Landscape Photos”.

“A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed”…Ansel Adams

How about I take the liberty to rewrite this paragraph from the magazine.
As a photographer, and developing artist you can learn a lot from Ansel Adams. Learn to see, think and create using your heart, feelings and senses to emulate the attention to detail that Adams devoted his craft, to get your best landscape photos. Don’t get caught up in that 50MP sensor. Get caught up in your vision and communication. Having the “right gear” only gives you the chance to make a good image.

Rhody's on the Oregon Coast
Rhody’s on the Oregon Coast

“Lack of attention to detail fails to explain why a 1999 camera in the hands of a meticulous PH.D who studies the instruction manual won’t produce as many images as a 1939 camera in the hands of a person with a refined photographic eye.” —Galen Rowell


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A BUSY FEBRUARY..Whidbey Island, Death Valley…. now on to March!

2015 WORKSHOP SCHEDULE            2015-Schedule-Discounts-Registration
ULTIMATE ICELAND                             ULTIMATE NORWAY


After Iceland and Norway in January 2015, it was off to Whidbey Island here in Washington for a 2 day event, followed by my first of two workshops in Death Valley, California.

_JGP2595-Edit-Edit-2-Edit-EditWe had a good and eager group in Whidbey Island for two full days of presentations and some field work. I really love teaching at the Pacific Northwest Art School. Not only are the folks there great, but the classroom setup is first class. The night before my workshop I was asked to do a presentation on our ULTIMATE ICELAND trips over the years to Iceland and now over to Norway.

A local writer did a great article for the Whidbey / Camino Islands webpage on my workshop. (I was so busy I didn’t get them my images, but the ones they writer shot were really good… he was on our workshop as well!). You can read it by clicking :


Pre Dawn in Coupeville, Whidbey Island
Pre Dawn in Coupeville, Whidbey Island

I would like to thank the PNWAS for their support and friendship. I will be running more events there in the summer and fall this year. Please consider joining me there for some very special priced workshops. Click HERE for information.

_JGP2587-Edit-Edit_JGP2643-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit-EditDeath Valley…what can I say? We were fortunate to have great light and  weather along with an exceptional group of workshop attendees. It’s great when the whole group “gets it”. What I mean by that is they all bought in to my theory of slowing down, enjoying the moment, simplifying your images and learning to see. I’m stressing these theories more and more each workshop.

_JGP2666-EditMaking the image is the hard part. The best equipment isn’t going to allow you to become an artist, it just gives you the chance to make successful images. Successful photographers have to deliver images from the heart, and tell their story.

10915239_805705402835598_6833343020276407047_nSpeaking of equipment. I continue to be blown away with my Fuji XT-1 and the sharp glass. The new 55-140mm F2.8 LM OIS 2.8 (80-210 in 35mm) is incredibly sharp. Having said that I just sold my 18-55mm and ordered the XF16-55mmF2.8R LM WR, a lens that will pair great with XF50-140mmF2.8R LM OIS WR.
We still have an opening in Iceland this summer if you can make it.


_JGP2709-Edit-2 I had a cancellation on my SW workshop (Slot Canyons, Horseshoe Bend and Monument valley—more.) in April. Our Hunt’s Mesa / Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelley event has an opening as well, also in April.
I’ll be leaving in 2 weeks for the southwest again for my workshops with Bill Fortney in Nelson, NV followed by our workshop in Canyonlands and Arches NP.



Three images from Lofoton Norway…. A photographer’s paradise

3 of todays images from beautiful Lofoton Norway…. it’s really hard to leave this place!….again workshop info coming soon!—JG (PS—-not all the fishing cabins are red!)__________________________________________________________________



_JGP2466 Panorama-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit


WINDY HERE IN LOFOTON NORWAY — Red Fishing Cabins— 1st class living in a amazing area!

Some dramatic weather here on Norwau’s western coast!….WIND–ABOUT 60 mph-  SNOW–= ICY DRIVING,……–The view from our cabin in Lofoten, Norway !–

These cabins have been reinvented into very comfortable accommodations with 2 bedrooms and a kitchen/-living room.. Other than that they are on stilts and the wind is so strong the place shakes a bit its actually cool to be kind of trapped in the storm. Things should be over by the morning.–however its still windy like crazy—lost power once…. snowing—-crazy seas—the place is rockin’—but we’re inside —this is the view from our living room window just before sunset today ( at 2:30pm)!.. Shooting was tough but I decided to make RED the color of the day!

INFORMATION about  our 2016 photography workshops her will be coming soon


MORE IMAGES: from today—-RED !





NORWAY !!!!!!

On Tuesday Greg Duncan and I travelled to the far northern reaches of Norway, to the are known as Lofoton along the western coast of Norway above the Arctic Circle. We are here to finalize our preparation for our forthcoming photography adventures here in Norway. Our website  will be up very soon .

This is a beautiful country with images at every turn. We can not wait to release our dates and be able to provide photographers with quality workshops here in Norway. Please stay tuned.


Below are a few images from yesterday.







_JGP2360 Panorama-Edit-Edit









2015   “North by Northwest” SUMMER PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP /



Below are some images from our final day  of our workshop in Iceland this winter. We spent the morning in the Ice cave… a great way to end the week. Below are some images. In addition there are 2 images from the 4th day of our adventure…… I am now in Norway…STAY TUNED FOR A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT REGARDING NEW ADVENTURES HERE IN BEAUTIFUL NORWAY !–JG

Does it get better than this?


Sunrise in the Ice Cave

_JGP2184_HDR_1-Edit-EditOur group hard at work





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